segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

you got to love him

Wilson: You are not going to be happy with anyone.
House: So what?  Your advice is: hire someone I’m not happy with and be happy?
Wilson: My advice is much more subtle. Stop being an ass! You always find some tiny little flaw to push people away.
House: Now it’s people. I thought we were talking about fellowship applicants.
Wilson: You have a history of this.
House: Well when I do decide to push you away I hope there is a small person kneeling behind you so when you fall you hurt your head.
Wilson: You had the perfect person and you blew it.
House:  You saw the shoes!
Wilson: I’m not talking about her.
House: You’re talking about Cameron?
Wilson: I’m talking about every woman you have ever given a damn about!
House: Cameron is so not perfect.
Wilson: Nobody is perfect!
House: Madre Teresa
Wilson: Dead.
House: Angelina Jolie.
Wilson: No medical degree.
House: Now who is the one being picky?????

episode 19 season 1

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